A library for art jewellery – this genius idea has become a reality thanks to Rian Design Museum. The first 20 pieces are already there and will soon be available to borrow.

Every year Svensk Form selects a Formbärare in each of their 13 districts. This year I was selected for this honourable title by Svensk Form Västerbotten.

Hanna Liljenberg is not only one of my closest friends – our work also has many connections; repetitions, organic shapes and slow growing structures. The jewelry grows bit by bit. Paper pieces are folded and glued, plastic scales are mangled and stitched, but the lowest common denominator is probably the scissors and all the cuts.

Sopor är bra – garbage is good. That is the name of an exhibition at Rian Design Museum that opened on September 14. The exhibition shows garbage in a new shape. Garbage that dresses our bodies, decorates our homes and that occupies our thoughts.

Amina Rizwan is the professor at the Pakistan Institute of Fashion & Design in Lahore. She is one of those people you know you really like after just talking to them a couple of seconds and when she suggested that I should come and teach a workshop at the school I said yes without hesitation.

Christmas Countdown 2018

The Triple Parade is a jewellery event taking place every second year in Shanghai. This year 89 artists has been selected for the exhibition “Intimate Encounter” opening at the How Art Museum on Friday 19th October 2018.

The third stop of the European Triennial of Contemporary Jewellery is Ateliers de Paris!

Every year Fondazione Cominelli toghether with AJC – Contemporary Jewellery Association, has on open call inviting artists to apply for the Cominelli Award. This year the theme was ”A jewel of a Lake” and my piece A New Fresh Pearl was selected for the exhibition.

Skinny Love V, necklace 2018

Some weeks ago I got the very happy news that my necklace, Skinny Love V, had been selected as one of the pieces that will be considered for the Mari Funaki Award for Contemporary Jewellery.