Lisbon Contemporary Jewellery Biennial 2024

Image on poster; brooch by Annika Pettersson.

In the last week of June 2024, Lisbon hosted the second edition of the Contemporary Jewellery Biennial with several exhibitions around the city, a symposium, talks and other events. The title of the event was Madrugada (Daybreak), inspired by a famous poem by Sophia de Melo Breyner.

Opening of Dawn, Platina and Four at Museum of Portuguese Decorative Arts

Platina and Four made a collaborative exhibition in the Jewellery Room at Museum of Portuguese Decorative Arts – FRESS. We brought together a group of 14 artists living and working in Sweden with 14 different voices.

Display in the Jewellery Room, in the foreground necklace by Tove Knuts.
To the left; brooch by Hanna Havdell, to the left; brooch by Tore Svensson.
Display in the Jewellery Room, pieces by (from the left) Marcelo Ferreira Gustafsson, Gustaf Lindblom and Tore Svensson.

Platina and Four are the only two contemporary jewellery galleries in Sweden. Platina opened in Stockholm 1999 and Four in Göteborg 2010. The two galleries present a wide range of artists from all over the world, well established artists mixed with emerging talents, big colourful expressions and minimalistic elegant pieces.

To the left; necklaces by Kajsa Lindberg, to the right; necklace by Sanna Wallgren
To the left; hand pieces by Marcelo Ferreira Gustafsson, to the right; rings by Staffan Jonsson.
To the left; necklaces by Klara Brynge, to the right; brooch by Tore Svensson.
To the left; necklace by Marcelo Ferreira Gustafsson, to the right; brooches by Sofia Björkman.
To the left, brooch by Jenny Jansson and necklace by Tove Knuts.
To the right; brooch by Agnieszka Knap, earring and brooches in the background by Sofia Björkman.

Outside of the Jewellery Room a big number of other exhibitions and events took place. We were lucky to get to see a small part of the well curated program, and to meet some new and some familiar jewellery faces.

To the left; the exhibition “Soft Radicalness”.
To the right; Rodrigo Acosta, Jordi Aparicio and Valentim Valentim Quaresma in their exhibition Power by #000000
Opening of the main exhibiiton Madrugada – Jewellery and the Politics of Hope at Palace of the Counts of Calheta.
René Darmont from Galerie Beyond and Caio Mahin wearing a necklace by Tove Knuts.
Juan Harnie wearing a brooch by Ela Bauer and Dennis Pellens and me wearing brooches by Benedikt Fischer.

This exhibition project was supported by Swedish Arts Council