Schmuck 2022

This year’s Schmuck was special. It took place in the middle of the summer for the first place which made the city look completely different than what I’m used to. But it was also very special for me since I had been selected for the special Schmuck show for the first time.  When I got the news I was so happy I almost exploded. Knowing that Helen Britton – an artist that I highly admire – had made the selection (from a total of 670 applications) made it even better.  In the show 63 works by artists from 43 countries were presented and seeing the other artist’s works made me even more proud that my necklace was one of the selected pieces.

Signe’s I, 2020, necklace by Karin Roy Andersson made of  naturally tanned reindeer skin, thread, steel, silver

Pieces by Leslie Shershow, Svenja JohnEla Bauer, Victoria Bulgakova,
me and Julia Walter


At the fair my work was also represented at Platina’s stand. Sofia Björkman – the manager of the gallery – presented the works on the walls in nicely composed groups and I really enjoyed being there and meeting the visitors.

Pieces by Hanna Liljenberg, me, Tanel Veenre and Lauren Tickle


At the BKV-exhibition you could also see one of my necklaces together with works by Michaela Baer-Koetzle, Veronika Beckh, Franziska Bryan, Sarah Cossham, Anja Eichler, Isabelle Enders, Christine Graf, Heidi Greb, Sebastian Hepp, Askan Hertwig, Lydia Hirte, Hilde Janich, Ulla + Martin Kaufmann, Bokyung Kim, Jutta Klingebiel, Minsoo Lee, Ye-Jee Lee, Irmengard Matschunas, Paul Müller, Cornelius Réer, Silke Spitzer, Christoph Straube, Dagmar Stühler, Heike Thamm and Danuta Uhlig-Burbo

Gunnar’s, 2021, necklace by Karin Roy Andersson made of naturally tanned reindeer skin, brass, thread.

Pieces by me, Ye-Jee Lee and Dagmar Stühler

Outside the fair there were many fantastic exhibitions to visit and I did my best to see as many of them as I could. Here are some of my favourites:

Work by Carolina Hägg and Rebekah Frank in the exhibition “Extended Family”

Work by Hartog & Henneman at Galerie Door

From the solo exhibition by Alexander Blank at 84GHz


The trip to Munich was supported by: