Generation Why

In the beginning of 2023, I was invited to participate in the project Generation Why, curated by Marcia Harvey Isaksson (SE), Vidar Koksvik (NO) and Charlotte Jul (DK). The first exhibition took place in Risør in Norway the following summer and in March 2024 it was shown at Rundetårn in Copenhagen. The exhibition will then move on to the Rian Design Museum in Falkenberg in 2025. 

Opening at Kunstparken in Risør

The project features 34 artists from Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Sweden born between 1977 and 1994 – Generation Y. This is a generation of artists who express their personal stories through craft and materials, and the selected artworks have been divided into three main categories: psyche, body and planet earth. The pieces I show in the exhibition are made of recycled plastic and reindeer skin. The work deals with questions about sustainable use of materials, resources and consumption and belongs to the last category. 

Swans I and Fossils IX, necklace and brooch (2016, 2019) made of recycled plastics, steel and silver. Rundetårn, Copenhagen.
Herman’s necklace, 2021 made of naturally tanned reindeer skin, brass and thread.
Cut by Maja Michaelsdotter. Risør Kunstpark, Risør.
An Eternal Kiss by Matilda Kästel. Rundetårn, Copenhagen.
A visitor at Rundetaarn in front of a textile piece by Milja Morseth. Photo by Johan May Nitschke.

Both in Risør and Copenhagen a lot of the artists came to the opening, and there were artist talks, workshops and discussions connected to the theme of the exhibition. In Copenhagen the theme was gender; gender as a concept, the meaning of gender,  gender in our time and its connection to arts and crafts. 

Artist talk at Risør Kunstpark led by the curators Marcia Harvey Isaksson, Vidar Koksvik and Charlotte Jul.
Seminar about gender and its connection to arts and crafts at Rundetårn, Copenhagen. Photo by Johan May Nitschke.
Artists at the opening in Rudetårn, Copenhagen. Photo by Johan May Nitschke.

It was fantastic to be able to participate in the openings and the events connected to them, both in Risør and in Copenhagen. And I am very grateful for the support from Risør Kunstpark, Risør Kommune, Villvin Kunsthåndverkmarked, Rundetårn, IASPIS and of course the ambitious work of the Generation Why-team who made this happen. Hope to see you in Falkenberg in 2025!