Hug a tree at Platina

I’ve always loved the forest. For as long as I can remember it has been a place for adventures, treasures, fantasies and magic. The forest gives me pleasure, recovery and perspectives. Sticks and stones, pine cones, shells and bones, the smell of bird-cherry trees early in the summer and the combination of fragrances from firs and snow in the winter. The animals you meet only if you are quiet and observant, and the ones that are so used to people that they simply give you a quick look and continue with whatever they were doing – that makes me happy.

Necklace for a handkerchief tree II, 2023,
necklace made of naturally tanned reindeer skin, brass, thread.

On the 7th of November the exhibition “Hug a tree” opened at Platina in Stockholm. I got some valuable help from my sister and my sister’s neighbour Leffe to find some trees to bring to the gallery and from Hanna Liljenberg and Sofia Björkman to set up the exhibition.

From the left: Sanna Svedestedt Carboo (who came traveling all the way from Mörsil!), Sofia Björkman, me and Hanna Liljenberg.
The invisible bear is not in the picture…

Leffe and his fir tree

In Stockholm in December the snow covered the darkness, put a white soft blanket on it. You can hug a tree if you want to save it or if you are lost and need comfort.

The autumn was full of blood, sadness and lost hope. It’s impossible to ignore it, forget it or hide it away. But sometimes you can allow yourself to dive into something else. Take a break and dream of peaceful forests and sparkling lights. About super old fir trees, animals in winter white fur and hugging trees.

Thinking of Vincent X, 2023, brooch made of naturally tanned reindeer skin, brass, thread, steel.

Thinking of Vincent, green leaf necklace I, 2023, necklace made of naturally tanned reindeer skin, brass, thread.

Sanna Svedestedt Carboo wearing Necklace for a blood orange tree I, 2023, necklace made of naturally tanned reindeer skin, paint, brass, thread.