I was invited to make an exhibition at Galerie Spektrum. The gallery was founded in 1981 by Marianne Schliwinski and Jürgen Eickhoff and it has played an important part in the history of contemporary jewellery and will most likely do so even in the future.

“Iigo lea?” means “right?”, in Swedish “eller hur?” . It is an expression used to confirm consensus and it was the first Sami expression I picked up. Monica Blind Påve and I chose to give the exhibition At Norrbottens Museum the title Iigo lea because we think the expression describes our collaboration in a good way.

Last year Monica Blind Påve and I were invited by Anna Sjöberg and Sámi Duodji to make a cooperation project. Monica is a Sami artist from Övre Soppero and in the frame of this project she has been visiting my studio in Göteborg and I have also been working with her in Övre Soppero. We have been sharing experiences both from our art and craft practice and from life in general, and we have also made some new discoveries together. It’s been a fantastic journey including long rides in trains and cars, swimming in rivers, lots of laughs, craft and new friends.

Christmas Countdown 2018

The world of contemporary jewellery is full of connections, contacts and collaborations. Some reach over long distances, some you find very close.

“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas – just like the ones I used to know”

The exhibition Play for Display was presented in conjunction with the Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art 2013, GIBCA as a part of the satellite program GIBCA Extended.

Photographer and stylist Monika Kichau made a photo shoot showing my jewellery.