My latest pieces are made of plastics collected from garbage containers and ditch-banks. I keep my eyes open when I go to the hairdresser; I search in my friends’ bathrooms and fridges – you have to be observant if you are going to find that perfect jewellery material. The plastics still has traces from the consumer society, but in the finished pieces the industrial image has gained a more organic impression. The stitches and the steel construction on the backside reveal the craft behind the work - a naked explanation that could be shown, or hidden only accessible to the wearer.

Backupfront necklace Karin Roy Andersson

 Backupfront, necklace, 2015, recycled plastics (from flowerpots and lunch boxes) thread, steel, silver, 16x20x4cm

Backupfront necklace Karin Roy Andersson

Backupfront, necklace 2015, recycled plastics (from snuffboxes, oil bottle and glycol bottle) thread, steel, silver, 15x23x5cm

Backupfront bracelet Karin Roy AnderssonBackupfront, bracelet 2015, recycled plastics (from snuffboxes and soap bottle), thread, 7×7,5×7,5cm

Backupfront brooch Karin Roy AnderssonBackupfront, brooch, 2015, recycled plastics (from snuffboxes and ice-cream box), thread, steel, silver, paint, 13×7,5x5cm