Virtual gallery

This is a presentation of jewellery in a digital format. It allows you to visit places far away and see contemporary jewellery in unexpected, unknown or maybe familiar places. To the left you will find virtual exhibitions that I have made together with Sofia Björkman in a project supported by the Swedish Arts Council.

Welcome to Sergels torg.



Sergels torg is one of Sweden’s most famous spots and it’s known to be a place for art and culture. It can be found in unexpected places – in the air, on the walls, in a crowd of people, or maybe in the blue-green windows looking down on the lower floor.


This presentation shows a digital art jewellery exhibition by Sofia Björkman and Karin Roy Andersson. Click on the windows and you will see pieces under the glass, then click again and you will see the piece closer.  The green windows bring you to a new spot, or back to the spot you just visited.



Welcome to Baggböleören



Baggböle is a village located next to Umeälven (Umeå river) about 7 km upstream from the center of Umeå. People started settling in Baggböle sometime in the Middle Ages when “Bagge” was a common male name. Böle means remote, new settlement. The river that passes Baggböle is classified as one of Sweden’s best waters for sea trout and Baggböle ören is a good place for fishing. It is also a great place to take a swim. The outlet from the power plant in Stornorrfors just above keeps the water open all year round and if you keep your eyes open you might see a fish swimming next to you.


Here you can take a virtual swim and also see some jewellery made by Sofia Björkman and me. Move around by clicking and dragging and if you click on the jewellery you will see them closer together with some information about them. You can also zoom in or zoom out by using the scroll wheel.



Welcome to Hagmarksvägen



We are having dinner and we would be very happy if you would like to join us. If you would like to look closer at the pieces we are wearing you can click on them. You can also visit different rooms by clicking on the pot holder, the plate or the armchair. Jewellery by Sofia Björkman and Karin Roy Andersson.


Welcome to i20 in Umeå



In a snowy forest some jewelry pieces are hanging. Click on them and you will get close-ups of them, and if you click again you will see the backsides and get some more information.


Welcome to Tärnögern



Tärnögern is a small island around 20 km south of Umeå, Sweden. It is surrounded by the brackish water of Södra Kvarken, the Baltic Sea and a small bridge is connecting it to the mainland. “Tärnögern” means the tern island and there are a lot of both terns, common gulls and nowadays also cormorants and Canada geese flying around. It is also a place suitable for jewellery. Come with me for a swim and have a look at the jewellery made by Sofia Björkman and me.



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