Skinny Love & co

The last years I have been watching a lot of trees. The trunks and the bark remind me of skin and I can’t help myself from fantasizing about the different personalities of the trees. The tall majestic ones, the young, fresh competing for space and sunlight, and the old hooky – those who have struggled through rain and storms since the time before my grandfather was even born. What have they seen? Who did they meet? The surface covering the life giving system of vessels and fibres is rough and under it there is a strong pulse pumping.


Skinny Love V, necklace 2018

Skinny Love V, necklace 2018, recycled plastics (gingerbread boxes) thread, steel, silver, paint, 23x27x3cm

Skinny Love II brooch Karin Roy Andersson

Skinny Love II, 2017, brooch recycled plastics (from flower pots), steel, thread, 17x9x 2,5cm

Skinny Love III brooch Karin Roy Andersson

Skinny Love III, 2017, brooch, recycled plastics (from soap bottles), steel, thread, 13,5×9,5x3cm

Skinny Love IV brooch Karin Roy Andersson

Skinny Love IV, 2017, brooch, recycled plastics (from shampoo bottles), thread, steel, 12,5 x 9,5 x 2,5 cm

Skinny Love I brooch Karin Roy Andersson

Skinny Love I, 2017, brooch, recycled plastics (from flower pots), thread, steel, 16x15x2.5 cm


Loboria I, recycled plastics (soap and body lotion bottles), steel, thread, 14×11,5×5

Chlorociboria I, 2018, brooch, recycled plastics (from cookie box) thread, steel, 16x11x3,5cm

Shale I brooch Karin Roy Andersson

Shale I, 2017, brooch, recycled plastics (from food trays), thread, steel, 17 x 10,5  x 2 cm


The Shale pieces are partly made of two flowerpots that I found thrown on the side of the road. To me the piece of trash was gold – a big sheet of plastics with exactly the right quality. In the finished piece I can see slate and flows of lava but also oil, which might be closer to the truth.

Shale II earrings Karin Roy Andersson Shale II,  2017, earrings, recycled plastics (from food trays), thread, silver, steel, 9 x 4,5 x 1,5 cm


Sastrugi, necklace, 2017, Karin Roy Andersson

Sastrugi, 2017, necklace, recycled plastics (from mayonnaise bucket), thread, steel, 25 x 25 x 4 cm


The Sastrugi pieces are made of a mayonnaise bucket. The pieces I cut from the plastics had a bark inspired shape but when I sew them together they made me think of snow. It made me think about the parallels between the protective layers of bark and the quiet, calming snow blanket that puts growth and animals to sleep, and maybe gives time to reload. And how both trunks and snow shows other sides in storms and avalanches. Falling trees and collapsing snow covers clearly demonstrates the balance of power between man and nature.

Somewhere in the back of my head I had a notion that snow can form layers looking a bit like the material I was making and that there is a word for it. I contacted my sister who knows ridiculously much about snow and of course she could help me to find the word – Sastrugi.


Krös, brooch, 2017, Karin Roy Andersson

Krös, 2017, brooch, recycled plastics (from bread box), thread, steel, 11 x 11 x 4 cm