Play for Display

The exhibition Play for Display was presented in conjunction with the Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art 2013, GIBCA as a part of the satellite program GIBCA Extended. The project was announced by Diagonal as an open call where jewellery artists could apply with images of their work and a description of the emotions or reactions they expected the wearer to experience when wearing their piece. Over 90 international artists applied and finally jewellery by 24 artists from 13 countries was selected and presented at Four during September 2013.


Play for Display Diagonal at Four

Image from the exhibition at Four, September 2013




With the project Play for Display we wanted to engage the audience with jewellery. We encouraged the visitors to try on the jewellery and experience it’s character. We invited the visitors to get close to the pieces – to touch them, try them on – to get to know them. This way we made the visitors truly experience the techniques, materials and the ideas behind the artwork.


Play for Display Mia Maljojoki Diagonal at Four

Frozen Fireworks, necklace by Mia Maljojoki


Play for Display Jana Graf Diagonal at Four

Necklines no:2, necklace by Jana Graf