Easter 2016 Holy Saturday

Easter 2016

Nobel Prize Alexander Blank

The Nobel Jewellery Prize was introduced in 2010 by Diagonal Art Projects. Since then the prize has been awarded five times to intelligent, creative and innovative jewellers.

Christmas Countdown, Karins Calendar, Dreaming of a White Christmas 2015

“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas – just like the ones I used to know”

    Frazzled thoughts stained with red wine in the middle of a creative chaos of paint and brushes. Isn’t it odd that old prejudice of past time artists are still prevailing? At the same time the image of the artist is in constant change. Through today’s social media the windows are wide open to […]

Alkemisterna Tanel Veenre

Trophy, necklace by Tanel Veenre. Model Sofie Gillstedt Alkemisterna – the Alchemists – is Diagonal’s idea for a tv-show about art jewellery. We have made a pilot episode to present the subject and the topics we want the future tv-show to highlight. The purpose of the tv-show is to increase the interest for craft and […]

Carrots and Carats

The concept of Carrots and Carats is that we invite an artist for three-course dinner where the food is inspired by the artist’s work. By using the dishes as a starting-points we ask questions that leads to discussions about artistry, work, economy and inspiration.

Diagonal Play for Display Gibca Extended

The exhibition Play for Display was presented in conjunction with the Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art 2013, GIBCA as a part of the satellite program GIBCA Extended.

Photographer and stylist Monika Kichau made a photo shoot showing my jewellery.

We invited 11 artists to give their reflection about our society view of what Swedish women are like today.