A Constant Grinding, necklace by Karin Roy Andersson

Necklace, 2009, fabric by Karin Gyllerfelt, photo: Kristian Pohl   Kammaren is a new gallery in Lund, and the exhibition Ögonstenar / Apple of my eye was the first exhibition. 33 artists working with materials like gold, silver, hair, seashells, wood, soil, coal and paper were invited, and my necklace “A Constant Grinding” made of […]

European Triennial of Contemporary Jewellery – an exhibition where wearable objects with a wide range of materials, techniques and expressions, gives you personal and unique interpretations of our time.

smack 2017 poster

Some ingredients are essential to make work. A mix of interesting ideas, good materials, supportive colleagues, energy giving snacks, the right tools at the right time and then SMACK! There you have it!

After working together for nearly ten years my, Hanna Liljenberg’s and Linnéa Eriksson’s different individual expressions has influenced each other. Now we are letting Galleri Koch and you – the visitors – to make an impression.

In Hot Water Illustration Jessica Hughes

The world of contemporary jewellery is full of connections, contacts and collaborations. Some reach over long distances, some you find very close.

Easter 2017 Good Friday

Easter 2017

Dec 6 2016 Karin's Calendar

24 pigs while waiting for Christmas.

Hallwylska presentation image

Imagine if Wilhelmina von Hallwyl had been alive today, and able to develop her collection and interest in art.

Easter 2016 Holy Saturday

Easter 2016

Nobel Prize Alexander Blank

The Nobel Jewellery Prize was introduced in 2010 by Diagonal Art Projects. Since then the prize has been awarded five times to intelligent, creative and innovative jewellers.